Terms of Delivery

  • All orders placed before 2pm are processed the same day and delivered the next working day.
  • Orders placed after 2:00pm are processed the next day and delivered the day after the day of processing.
  • All orders are delivered to the address specified by you or to an EKONT office.
  • "Frigo-Chem" EOOD reserves the right to change the delivery period, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, as it is mandatory that all affected customers will be notified beforehand.
  • When ordering a refrigeration unit or other goods according to an individual project, the delivery time should be agreed with the customer, as a representative of "Frigo-Chem" EOOD will contact the customer within up to two working days.
  • All orders requested for delivery to an EKONT office are received the next day, including Saturdays.

Exceptions to the terms of delivery:

  • The order can be delivered on a day other than the standard procedure, at the customer's request.
  • In the absence of delivery activity by the courier company, for the specific day.
  • On all public holidays and weekends.